Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pululu The Demon Dog

This is a Character Design and Story Board of an animation I came up with.


This is an Illustration I did of Kanye West taking the Moonman Award from Taylor Swift at the 2009 V.M.A's.

Rock Your Socks Off

This is a pair of pajamas I designed for boys.

Octmoks-Character Design

This is a character design i did for an animator friend of mine.

Leaping Lizards

This is an Editorial I Illustrated for Lizards that lose their tails but are able to grow them back.

Haunted Ball

This is a poster I Illustrated for the Haunted Ball at the Sumo Lounge in Philadelphia.

Trick r Treat

Here is a movie poster I Illustrated for the 2008 film Trick r Treat by Michael Dougherty.

Lost Toys

this is an Illustration i did using the idea and story of The Lost Toys.

Strawberry Sweet

Here is a portrait I did for fun of the Lovely Mrs. Kathleen Bongarzone.
Love you Babe

Angel "Buddy Roc" Sanchez

here are some posters I Illlustrated for a vocalist by the name of Angel Sanchez. below is his blog.